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Several years ago I wrote the following to honor my wife during our anniversary; my pastor was kind enough to allow me to read it from the pulpit and bless my wife in front of the whole church. That day I also made myself accountable to the rest of the church family, in a sense; I put our marriage on center stage for all to see. I cherish my marriage and take my promises very seriously; Christine has completed me in ways only the Lord knew she would. We both know our marriage is a reflection of how Christ loves the church and how the church loves Him in return. These promises are the Lord's expression through my heart; I hope they encourage you.
1. I am committed to love you as Christ loved the church and give up my life for you daily.

2. I am committed to pursue you, learn more about your dreams, thoughts, and all you have to share.

3. I am committed to partner with you, in our marriage, in our parenting, and all God gives us to do.

4. I am committed to remaining sexually pure for you and keeping romance alive in our marriage.

5. I am committed to demonstrating my love for you openly, honoring you with words and deeds.

6. I am committed to stay the task of being the spiritual leader of our family, helping all grow in the character of Jesus Christ.

7. I am committed to be your friend encouraging, supporting, and staying close for the rest of our lives together.

copyright 1996 Jay Cookingham
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